[linux-dvb] mail archive trouble with some mails

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Mon Oct 13 12:01:05 CEST 2008

On Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at 01:33:29PM +0200, Christoph Pfister wrote:
> Just happened to me again:
> http://linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2008-October/029528.html
> http://linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2008-July/027465.html
> vs.
> http://marc.info/?l=linux-dvb&m=122321704618419
> http://marc.info/?l=linux-dvb&m=121725417917368
> Seems to be a problem with my forwarded mails - would be nice if you
> could take a look at it.

Sorry, I don't have the time to fix Mailman bugs. If someone
can point out a solution I would apply it, of course.


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