[linux-dvb] Technotrend TT-Connect S2-3650 CI

Faruk A fa at elwak.com
Mon Oct 13 18:33:21 CEST 2008

> Yes , i read that.
> Unfortunately my hardware (Toshiba M-60 167) works perfectly with the .26
> kernel and i dont want to downgrade the kernel to .25 .
> I am lucky that all  works now as i a am not that linux  Expert (using
> gentoo  since 2 Months).
> Thanks for answering :-)
> --

Unfortunately there has been changes with linux-dvb this past 2-3 weeks they
switched api from multiproto to S2, so we have to wait untill someone port the
The old drivers is for multiproto and i don't think they will get
support for the latest
and future kernels.
But you can try talking to "Dominik Kuhlen", dkuhlen (at) gmx.net he
wrote the driver
maybe he can provide a patch to support latest kernels.
Try "Michael H. Schimek" too mschimek (at) gmx.at  he wrote the Common
Interface support.


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