[linux-dvb] mplayer dvb-t startup problems

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at powercraft.nl
Tue Oct 14 12:54:24 CEST 2008

Jelle de Jong wrote:
> Christophe Thommeret wrote:
>> Le Tuesday 14 October 2008 09:49:49 Jelle de Jong, vous avez �crit�:
>>> Hello everybody,
>>> I am trying to build a dvb-t system and I am currently using mplayer to
>>> tune into the channels and watch and listen to them. However I got some
>>> startup problems. Mplayer does not always detect the TS file stream and
>>> the audio is sometimes distorted. I posted an more detailed description
>>> of the problem on the mplayer mailinglist, but there was not much
>>> response, so I am trying this channel since the change somebody reading
>>> this and has solved the issue is much greater:
>>> http://lists.mplayerhq.hu/pipermail/mplayer-users/2008-October/074693.html
>>> I hope somebody know how to fix the issues,
>> -cache 4096
> Thank you Christophem for responding.
> I changed my cache from 512 to 4096. The problem still occurs, but  I
> got feeling it happens a little bit less, but this can also be because
> it takes a hole lot longer to startup the dvb-t channel (especially with
> audio only streams, but with audio only there is also no TS detection
> starup problem)
> I attached my mplayer dvb-t wrapper script for some extra info.
> Kind regards,
> Jelle

(I attached wrong version of the wrapper script in my last email, this
is the correct version)

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