[linux-dvb] Multi-frontend patch merge (TESTERS FEEDBACK) was: Re: [PATCH] S2API:

Steven Toth stoth at linuxtv.org
Tue Oct 14 16:44:12 CEST 2008

>> Over time I've heard constant suggestions that the patches are 
>> ready for
>> merge, the cx88 and saa7134 trees are working correctly. Now 
>> is the time
>> that I need you all to announce this. I need you each in turn 
>> to
>> describe you testing, and state whether you think the patches 
>> are ready
>> for merge.
>> Hans Werner <HWerner4 at gmx.de>
>> darron at kewl.org
>> scarfoglio at arpacoop.it
>> fabbione at fabbione.net
>> If you're not normally members of this list then please say so, 
>> I'll
>> ensure your response is cc'd back to the list.
>> Thanks,
>> Steve
> Well, I've been using the HVR4000 for over one year with the mfe driver.
> I use it daily for watching DVB-T TV and listening to DVB radio, occasionally
> for analogue TV, and now for listening to FM radio. I have also recorded DVB-T HD programs. 
> Kaffeine, kdetv. tvtime, fmtools and kradio work without issues. Only caveat is
> the analog audio routing with arecord/aplay.
> Stability is excellent. I had problems about 12 months ago with AGC and DVB-T, but
> they were solved. I use it to record TV programs and watch them later. I have recorded
> for 5-6 hours many times and never had issues.
> From the user perspective mfe is very convenient. No need to change configs.
> A KDE user finds in kaffeine DVB-T, DVB-S/S2 and DVB radio. For analog he has
> got kdetv and kradio. 
> IMHO it should be merged into kernel 2.6.28.
> Great thanks to all developers.
> Carlo Scarfoglio

Thanks Carlo, I've cc'd the mailing list so they can share your feedback.



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