[linux-dvb] Multi-frontend patch merge (TESTERS FEEDBACK) was: Re: [PATCH] S2API: add multifrontend

Steven Toth stoth at linuxtv.org
Wed Oct 15 00:06:20 CEST 2008

Darron Broad wrote:
> In message <48F42D5C.7090908 at linuxtv.org>, Andreas Oberritter wrote:
> hi.
>> Hello Steve,
>> Steven Toth wrote:
>>> I'm mutating the subject thread, and cc'ing the public mailing list into 
>>> this conversion. Now is the time to announce the intension to merge 
>>> multi-frontend patches, and show that we have tested and are satisfied 
>>> with it's reliability across many trees.
>>> (For those of you not familiar with the patch set, it adds 
>>> 'multiple-frontends to a single transport bus' support for the HVR3000 
>>> and HVR4000, and potentially another 7134 based design (the 6 way medion 
>>> board?).
>> is this code still using more than one demux device per transport bus, or
>> has it already been changed to make use of the DMX_SET_SOURCE command?
> At this time it duplicates all the device nodes along with
> the frontends.
> I have looked into this somewhat, and appreciate what you
> are referring to. There would seem to be quite some 
> significant reworking needed in videobuf-dvb to achieve
> this requirement of one mux with multi-frontends in a
> clean fashion.

I think we have four different people reporting success with all of the 
tree's, cx88, cx23885 and saa7134.

I'm going to issue the pull request for the MFE patches.

Thanks to everyone involved.

- Steve

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