[linux-dvb] Fusion HDTV 7 Dual Express

Jonathan Johnson johnsonn at matc.edu
Fri Oct 17 01:52:58 CEST 2008

Hello linux-dvb members,

I know another person posted a message similar to mine, but offered no diagnostic info, so I am.

DViCO device d618 using driver cx23885
Conexant Device 8852 (rev 02)
Base OS: SuSE 11.0
kernel manually upgraded to 2.6.27
checked dmesg, and all firmware(s) load.

 I have a FusionHDTV Dual 7 tuner, and it gets no signal at all, and some times no channels appear
when I scan from with in mythtv, and sometimes some of the channels appear.

1. First I tried hooking a ATI 650 to Vista and got 100% strength all the time, so it wasn't the antenna.
2. I then hooked up the FusionHDTV card to Vista and it also reported 100% signal strength.
Therefore the card is not broken.
3. I have 2 ATI HDTV Wonder that have always worked perfectly, so signal strength is good.

When trying to record w/ MythTV I get
This occurs a couple times.
DVBSM(/dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0), Warning can not measuer S/N
The following occurs many times:
DVBChan(3:/dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0) Error:  Tune(): Setting Frontend using tuning parameters failed.
"eno: Invalid argument (22)"

Spent 1/2 hour looking thru google results.
I decided despite how horrible luck I have with compiling certain things, I would give it a go anyway.
The kernel always compiles for me at least.  I went to linuxtv.org and followed the instructions.
I did the make and make install and got the invalid symbols mentioned on the website, and it said
reboot.  So I did, and I recompiled again, for the heck of it, and still have invalid symbols. Read the
INSTALL text file, and tried a bunch of options.    I tried make kernel-(something), and recompile the
kernel(completely), and reboot,and still no go.  I tried re-compiling v4l-dvb and still nothing.
I eventually tried "make all" and the compile failed with errors.  Could not get it to compile, and now
v4l-dvb was un-usable.

I then installed and did a full compile of kernel (released last night), and at least everything
now works.

I would like to try the development version to see if that fixes things, but I am not skilled enough to
resolved the unresolved symbol problem.  insmod and modprobe failed with the same error.



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