[linux-dvb] not quite another: what card should i buy

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Fri Oct 17 15:17:36 CEST 2008

i'm revamping my setup. i currently have a nexus-s and a technotrend 
tt-budget s-1500ci
i also have three twinhan vp-1025, but the less said the better

anyway, my current dish is pointed at astra 28.2E. i'm going to get in 
the next month or two a toroidal dish and stick LNBs pointing at a 
number of satellites and hook them all into a multswitch.

finally to my question: what would the best card be to purchase?
not which has the most sensitive tuner or which has the best support but 
the definition of best is

"which will be of beneficial to the linuxtv.org due to additional testing"

i can and do build my own kernels (i use gentoo - enough said)
i can also provide access (if required)

i appreciate your time

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