[linux-dvb] Audio processor not found using WINTV-Nova-HD-S2 Card (HVR4000Lite)

Darron Broad darron at kewl.org
Wed Oct 29 07:33:56 CET 2008

In message <966d86d70810280559w644c5849i8fd9035e0283821c at mail.gmail.com>, "Martin Rudge" wrote:


>I was working my way through building/testing the driver for my card (per
>the wiki) last night.
>Scanned ok, szap ok (able to apparently zap and lock both SD and HD
>However, I had noticed that I am apparently missing an audio device
>according to the dmesg log.
>I am also seeing a number of cx8802_start_dma failures being logged during
>Is anyone else experiencing this with the subject card?  If so I may have a
>configuration problem that I need to investigate further.
>I notice that the mpeg video was created as /dev/video0 and not associated
>with the adapter under /dev/dvb/adapter0 as I had expected.  Is this working
>as designed?

Although analogue components are loaded for your card (LITE) it doesn't
actually have any analogue inputs. This is given as a hint with the audio
part in the eeprom.

You should ignore the analogue device nodes as all they are likely
to produce is noise.



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