[linux-dvb] Update: S2API , scan-s2, TT 3200_CI, VDR 1.7.0, Streamdev (latest version)

jean-paul at goedee.nl jean-paul at goedee.nl
Wed Oct 29 16:47:47 CET 2008

S2API (drivers) latest version compile without error, Compiling  
scan-s2 give a error on DDS or something like that. Remove it from  
scan.c and compile it again.

Scanning booth LNB?s (astra 1  & 3) and only normal S. Try al options  
but no S2 channels.  Compile VDR with S2API patch and streamdev  
plugin. No problem so far. Copy the new channels.conf to the vdr  
directory and start vdr. Tuning to FTA channels is no problem but  
encrypt channels are not available. For so far as I can see the caids  
are correct (verify with the caids of mij production system  (also  
2*tt 3200 incl cam/card and multiproto/vdr 1.7.0 and off Corse   

No S2 channels, No encrypt channels.



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