[linux-dvb] [ANNOUNCE] scan-s2 is available, please test

Mika Laitio lamikr at pilppa.org
Wed Oct 29 22:27:35 CET 2008

> I'm not aware of dvb-apps that use S2API, can you point me to that version?

I meant that because S2API drivers are backward compatible and supports 
also the older driver API, the old apps works also with S2API version of 

> S2 channels are found with old scan version using mantis driver as well.
> The output of scan-s2 is a bit different to support S2, there are few more
> parameters that will appear in the output such as:
> Sx - used delivery system
> Mx - modulation
> Rx - rolloff
> Cx - FEC rate
> Some of those are not yet ready, but I'm adding them right now.
> The frequencies files will be also extended to support those parameters as
> inputs.

Ok. Do you have time to add to README some words listing the 
names and order for all parameters that scan-s2 requires to be in the 
input files. That would be very helpful, when one later try to add 
information from other satellite frequencies to those files.


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