[linux-dvb] [OT] Re: Aver saa7135 cards.

Wieslaw Kierbedz mincho at interia.pl
Mon Sep 1 11:51:57 CEST 2008

Krzysztof Burghardt nagli:
> 2008/9/1 Wieslaw Kierbedz <mincho at interia.pl>:
>> By the way.
>> I thought about MPEG4/H.264 section on wiki pages. In Poland DVB-T+ is
>> most used standard.
> AFAIN there is no _official_ directive or standard for DVB in Poland.
> There is a only a recommendation form UKE [1]. In short, minimal
> requirements are DVB-T (v1), MPEG-4 AVC (aka H.264) and DolbyDigital+
> (EAC3).
There is a decision.
Due to number of possible programs and frequencies limit polish DBT
stations will work with H.264.
Most of test transmiters changed standard from mpeg2 to h264 just in
this summer.
and (your link):
"4. Standard kodowania sygnału wizji:
     tylko H.264/AVC".
Only H.264/AVC.

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