[linux-dvb] Compro DVB T300 Card support under ArchLinux

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  Hi Stephen,
  Thanks for that.
  I don't mind looking through that information on those links when i
  get a mo, howerver,...
  The card I have is probably a lot older than the one you mention.
  It is a PCI card, T300
  I believe it used the phillips chip saa7134 for dvb.  I am not sure
  which chip the E300 has.
  Should I still be looking through those docs, or is the solution much
  simpler (hopefully ... :) ).

  On Tue Sep 2 8:11 , stev391 at email.com sent:

    > Hi,
    > Was wondering if anyone knew what was necessary to get a compro
    dvb t-300
    > card working with Freevo, with Archlinux as a base. Do i need
    to download
    > firmware etc. My LC17 Box will be running at 64-bit on an intel
    945 board
    > with p4-D 3.0Ghz. Have only installed Archlinux as yet.
    > Is there support for this card in the latest kernels (and is
    > anectdotal evidence of it working in Freevo or Myth if I have
    to, or
    > should i look at another (newer) card)? Obviously i will really
    only be
    > interested in the digital tv tuner part of this hybrid card,
    and the video
    > capture function. Cheers,
    > Larry


    Is this the card, you are referring to:

    If so at the moment I'm writing patches that should add support
    for this card.

    Could you please read this and complete the steps that I have
    listed for your card:

    If the details generated are similar to:
    You can try the other links below to see if it will work.

    Read (At the bottom, or you can catch up on the conversation,
    note that the main v4l-dvb tree should now be used instead of the
    cx23885-leadtek tree):
    And do the steps listed, please provide the requested feedback to

    Then if this does not work read this one (At the bottom, or you
    can catch up on the conversation):
    And same deal the feedback would be great.

    As I do not own any of the cards referenced above the previous
    links provide me with the required information to get the DVB-T
    side of the card working.

    At least one person has the E800 working in MythTV (the DVB-T is
    the same on both cards) so I do not see any issues. I'm not
    familiar with Arch Linux or Freevo, but give it a try.

    Thanks, for your time.



Sorry my mistake, I misread the subject line.  The information that I
posted is not relevant for this card.  Maybe somebody else will be able
to help you.


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