[linux-dvb] S2API - First release

Steven Toth stoth at linuxtv.org
Thu Sep 4 15:41:34 CEST 2008

Stephen Rowles wrote:
>>> Steven Toth wrote:
>>> A tuning demo app? What? Obviously, tuning older modulation types via
>>> the new API isn't a requirements, but it's a useful validation exercise
>>> for the new S2API.
>>> Steven
>> Your statement about tuning older modulation types not being a
>> requirement worries me. I would have thought it was an important
>> requirement from an application perspective to be able to tune old and
>> new modulation types through one api. The services I use (BSkyB and
>> Freesat) are mostly DVB-S with very little if any S2. But I would like
>> to be able to tune them via my (not so) new S2 card. Maybe I have
>> misinterpreted what you meant.
> I imagine that there isn't really any need to use the S2 API to tune older
> modulation types, because you just use the existing API if you want the
> old style tuning.

Correct, it's the developers choice.

> However I would agree that if the new API supports both old and new style
> tuning, then that is nicer for anyone writing a new app, as they only have
> to code for the S2API, and get support for all tuning styles. Unless I too
> am not understanding :)

Correct again, it supports old and new tuners.

- Steve

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