[linux-dvb] Drivers for TT S2-3200

Meysam Hariri meysam.hariri at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 18:22:36 CEST 2008

May i add some bugs to your list:

4) For dvb-s channels whenever i start szap on a channel, it may lock or not
lock by chance. i'll have to exit and run szap multiple times to get lock.
some ppl say setting a slightly lower symbrate or frequency for the channel
will fix the problem. but this should be fixed within the driver.

the problem with some dvbs2 channels seems to be also from the 8psk
modulation and not the symbolrate/fec combination itself. there are 8psk
channels on lower symbolrates with different fec it can't get lock.

Isn't that from the lack of support in the driver for 8psk? i roughly looked
at the sources and there seems to be more on qpsk where there is no mention
of 8psk for instance on switch loops.


On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 5:57 PM, Newsy Paper
<newspaperman_germany at yahoo.com>wrote:

> @Igor: I tried your new driver. My first impression is that it works stable
> with me TT S2-3200 so thx for providing a driver that's uptodate.
> I found 3 bugs:
> 1) When I switch to Nilesat (this is the weakest satellite; I get a weak
> signal, but still no dropouts and pixelation). When I switch from one
> transponder to another on that satellite I get no more signal lock on the
> chosen transponder. I have to kill and restart vdr to get signal again. It
> doesn't depend on the transponder frequency it occours with all transponders
> on nilesat (while for others it could be another satellite that is so weak
> to cause such switching problems). The problem already occoured with
> multiproto + channel lock patch.
> 2) There's still this bug with DVB-S2 SR 30000 3/4 I don't know if you
> already expierenced this bug but it only occours with linux drivers. In
> Windows it's working.
> 3) no signal strengh on femon, but I think you already know this.
> kind regards
> Newsy
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