[linux-dvb] Kernel integration of rtl2831u driver

Peter Mayer horuljo at yahoo.de
Sun Sep 14 14:09:37 CEST 2008


i own a Freecom rev 4 DVB-T USB-stick using a rtl2831u chip inside. Since about February this year, drivers for that stick are available and a lot of discussion about the driver was done on this list. 

But it seems for quite some time that no further discussion happens anymore.. I am using debian SID (sidux) and the actual kernel there (2.6.26-5.slh.4-sidux-686) from some days ago still does not include the rtl2831u dvb-t driver. So, I wonder now what the next steps are to make this driver available in the linux kernel, and when it will probably happen.

Background of my question is that I would like to use the stick of course, but without patching and compiling a new kernel from source by myself.

So, what is the future plan of rtl2831u for kernel integration? I am not familiar with the standard procedure of the diffusion process into mainstream kernel versions, so I would appreciate any comments on this topic.

Best regards,
Peter Mayer

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