[linux-dvb] Multiproto API/Driver Update

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 23:01:54 CEST 2008


Andy Walls wrote:

> Manu,
> Though I can't read much German, after looking at the jusst.de website I
> can't help but think that you as well have financial interests driving
> your actions.  If so, then your statements display quite a bit of
> hypocrisy.

To your utter disappointment as i should say, i am not working for any
vendor, but just get device support out to the community.

The jusst.de domain is owned by Julian Scheel who runs Jusst
Technologies, just happened to offer me hosting for me repositories for
my work, using full ssh access, so that my workflow is easier.

Not that i have anything to do with jusst.de otherwise. OTOH, i do have
the patches at kernel.org

Maybe Julian can comment on this to make things more clearer on the
financial interests.

> Manipulating (i.e. stalling) the timing of Multiproto being merged into
> the v4l-dvb tree or kernel, for you or your employer's gain, would be
> little different from the motivations you allege Steve of having.

I am not manipulating any timing of multiproto being merged. In fact i
had been away, for a few months due to certain reasons, that you are
perfectly aware by now as far as i can understand. So the points that
you raise are quite baseless.

> Since the major gripe I'm reading on the list "is that multiproto has
> taken too long" and since it seems to me the only thing that shook it
> loose was a competing proposal, please save the venom for when you
> actually have some clear moral high-ground to stand on.  I don't see it
> from here.

Crap, just read above.

> As for the technical superiority of either API proposal; that probably
> just doesn't matter.  I've seen policy/political decisions force
> suboptimal technical solutions at work time and time again.  If you
> really believe you have a superior product technically; then perhaps you
> should work to make it superior politically as well.  Mud-slinging can't
> be a good long term strategy toward that end.

I don't have to do any mud-slinging, just wrote the exact facts out here.


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