[linux-dvb] Multiproto API/Driver Update

Andreas Oberritter obi at linuxtv.org
Mon Sep 15 00:03:55 CEST 2008

Steven Toth wrote:
> Markus Rechberger wrote:
>> Great move Steven! Can we move the TDA10048 code over, maybe adding
>> a note that it's dual licensed would be nice?
> In principle yes.
> I'd like to see an example of dual license just to make sure it has no 
> nasty side effects.
> Can you point me at one of your dual-license drivers so I can review the 
> wording?

AFAIK the biggest problem with dual licensing is that you cannot merge
patches from Linus' tree, because they are not dual licensed (unless, of
course, you'll get the permission from the contributors).


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