[linux-dvb] Measuring signal strench on TT S2-3200

Steven Toth stoth at linuxtv.org
Fri Sep 19 08:42:47 CEST 2008

Igor M. Liplianin wrote:
> В сообщении от 18 September 2008 00:18:11 SKOČDOPOLE Tomáš написал(а):
>> Hi,
>> Now, I am using latest drivers from Igor M.Liplianin and these problems
>> should be fixed. Now video runs without any blackouts or errors... Great
>> work!
>> Igor, I want to ask you about progress of scan and szap utilities for
>> dvb-s2.
> Hi Tomas
> It is in my priorities list, but after completing some drivers
> I already started writing ( patching? ) scan utility for dvb-s2.
> szap2 & szap-s2 are working now. So, let's wait and see.
> Hope there are peoples, which may developing quicklier :-)
> Night is my only free time :-(

Igor, you are doing a fantastic job. I thank you for helping with all of 
the patches and the utilities.

I will from the plumbers conference in the next few days and I expect to 
merge a number of patches that are sitting in my inbox.

Thanks you again for helping with this.



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