[linux-dvb] FIXME: audio doesn't work on svideo/composite - hvr-1110 S-Video and Composite

tomlohave at gmail.com tomlohave at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 15:29:02 CEST 2008

dabby bentam a écrit :
> Hi Tom,
> Sorry to bother you like this in this way. I'm emailing because i have 
> a Wintv hvr-1110 card. In the kernel sources it has
> FIXME: audio doesn't work on svideo/composite
> Do you know what is required to get this to work?
> Can i help in getting this to work?
> Thanks for your time
> David Bentham


first, sorry for my poor english

No sorry not sure what to do, i've try many configurations and 
modifications in order to have svideo/composite audio but no result

you can try different parameter (see in sources, take example on other 
or ask on linuxtv mailing list
I forward your precedant mail to this list



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