[linux-dvb] Full Mantis pull with TerraTec Cinergy S2 PCI HD hangs system on boot

Niels Wagenaar n.wagenaar at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 21 00:57:18 CEST 2008

Hello All,

For a friend of mine, I'm setting up a HTPC based upon Xubuntu 8.04 and VDR. Currently he has a Terratec TerraTec Cinergy S2 PCI HD and I followed the Wiki for this card. I pull the latest Mantis and changed the ID in mantis_vp1041.h as it's told in the Wiki.

However. When rebooting, the system hangs and doesn't want to continue booting. I also found out that other people experience the same problem.

So I think that the Wiki is not entirely up-to-date anymore. Could somebody give me some more information how to get the TerraTec Cinergy S2 PCI HD working?

Thanks in advance,

Niels Wagenaar

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