[linux-dvb] Artec T14BR

Luc Ferran luc.ferran at free.fr
Sun Sep 21 17:41:50 CEST 2008

Hi All,

I own an Artect USB T14BR with a remote control (very simple one, 25 keys).
Following documentation, the DVB-T tunner is well handeled and no test 
had been done with the remote control.

I can confirm that tunner is working very well (I use kaffeine), 
unfortunately, the remote control is not working.
With dmesg, I can see that some keys are not known.
I assue that the 2 first values ares the key code, but I have no idea of 
what's represents the tzo last one (usually 1 0).

I really would like to contribute on this topic, I have some skills in C 
progrmaming, but none in kernel programming.

Does anybody could guide me to make this remote works ?

Up to now I've just uncommented the info line (L468) in 
dib0700_devices.c to get values for this remote to put in the 
First notice is that some key codes already exists but not for the same 
keys that i'm pressing on the remote.
Could that cause any issue ? What is the releven tway to handle this ?

Thanks in advance for answers!


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