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Frederic CAND frederic.cand at anevia.com
Mon Sep 22 11:04:37 CEST 2008

hermann pitton a écrit :
> Hi,
> Am Donnerstag, den 18.09.2008, 18:22 +0200 schrieb wk:
>> Frederic CAND wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>> has anyone got analog FM radio working with an Hauppauge HVR 1300 ?
>>> If yes please tell me how ! I got only noise from /dev/dsp* ... :(
>>> This is an issue I've had for some time now ...
>>> I tried option radio=63 on cx88xx module but it did not change anything 
>>> (except writing cx88[0]: TV tuner type 63, Radio tuner type 63 in dmesg 
>>> instead of radio tuner type -1 ...)
>>> Is radio support just not implemented ?
>> Load cx88_blackbird and open /dev/radioX.
>> I haven't tried radio up to now, but i would expect that only radio *or* 
>> dvb works, but not both at the same time. Most probably radio is also 
>> not feed trough the mpeg encoder.
> a fixme still sticks on radio of the HVR1300.
> 			.audioroute = 2,
> 		},{
> 			.type	= CX88_VMUX_SVIDEO,
> 			.vmux	= 2,
> 			.gpio0	= 0xe780,
> 			.audioroute = 2,
> 		}},
> 		/* fixme: Add radio support */
> 		.mpeg           = CX88_MPEG_DVB | CX88_MPEG_BLACKBIRD,
> 		.radio = {
> 			.type   = CX88_RADIO,
> 			.gpio0	= 0xe780,
> 		},
> 	},
> Guess audio routing and switching is not clear yet.
> The FMD1216ME supports radio over tda9887 and tda7040.
> On the FM1216ME and FM1236 MK3 we can take the stereo indication bit
> from the PLL chip and switch the tda9887 into FM stereo mode
> accordingly. Reading this status information also enables auto scanning
> for radio broadcasts for the applications. (v4l2 aware like kradio
> should be preferred)
> This bit does not work on the hybrid FMD1216ME MK3 and you have to
> create a station list manually once, but then stereo radio is fine.
> On the later FMD1216MEX, which can also be on that board, Steve
> mentioned once that the radio might be slightly different.
> That one is currently treated like the FMD1216ME, but would need its own
> separate tuner type entry in that case.
> We also found hints in tuner specs provided by Steve for ivtv, IIRC,
> that an AFC narrowing down looping can be used to take this as kind of
> signal strength detection on the tda9887 alternatively for the stereo
> bit on the pll. Hartmut was aware of it too, but who likes to work on
> analog radio these days ...

I do. As we embedd these cards on our servers we'd like to add this 
feature to our products (analog to digital streaming servers).
Anyway, this is a feature of the card which is lacking under Linux so 
the question of who is interested in analog radio is not a good 
question. The question of why not going as far as possible when 
supporting a card is a good question.
So yes I am not afraid of saying I'm interested in analgo radio :)

> It is not implemented yet, if it should be related.
> Cheers,
> Hermann

Ok so if I get it right, what you're saying is that stereo radio isn't 
working on HVR 1300 with FMD1216MEX but mono radio is working ? If yes 
I'd like to know how ... shouldn't I just set frequency to /dev/radio, 
then get it from /dev/dsp ??? This for me isn't working and providing 
only noise.

Now if you tell me this is just not implemented yet, then how could I 
help you to implement it ? If it's not scheduled to be implemented one 
day then I might be able to work on it at my office (maybe not me 
directly but one of my coworkers).

Btw I tried on my KNC TV Station DVR (FM1216ME MK3, saa7134, saa6752hs) 
with no success : if I tune to an analog TV station through /dev/video, 
I will get sound from /dev/dsp. Then I tune to a radio through 
/dev/radio ... but I still get the TV sound from /dev/dsp ...

CAND Frederic
Product Manager

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