[linux-dvb] New Formfactor Twinhan vp1020a

Wayne and Holly wayneandholly at alice.it
Mon Sep 22 20:13:05 CEST 2008

Hi there,
There is a seller on eBay that is advertising the Twinhan vp1020a budget
DVB-S card however the picture of the card is low profile rather than the
"old" full size.

New card:

Old card:

If you look carefully at the image of the "new" card it clearly states
1020a.  I already have a "old" 1020a fitted in my HTPC and it works
perfectly.  Since my Geniatech DVB-S card just died (it never worked
properly anyway) I am looking to replace it with another low-profile card
(it needs to be low-profile to fit).  If this turns out to be geniune it
would be perfect.  I have emailed the seller for clarification but I am not
holding my breath for a clear answer.

Has anyone had any experience with the "new" Twinhan vp1020a?

Thanks in advance

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