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Tue Sep 23 09:40:40 CEST 2008

  Exclusively for use in DVB-H systems, a third transmission mode the
  "4K mode" is defined in annex F, addressing the specific needs of
  Handheld terminals. The "4K mode" aims to offer an additional
  trade-off between transmission cell size and mobile reception
  capabilities, providing an additional degree of flexibility for
  DVB-H network planning.

See also ETSI EN 302 304 ("DVB; Transmission System for Handheld
Terminals (DVB-H)").

Here, in France, we won't see DVB-H until next year so I cannot
tell. There was a field test two or three years ago in the Paris
area. At that time, I did receive DVB-H on an Hauppauge PCI DVB-T
receiver in a Linux box but the field test used 2K, not 4K
(modulator availability issue at this time maybe).

But if your receiver can do 4K or your DVB-H network uses 2K or 8K,
you can receive DVB-H on a DVB-T receiver device.


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