[linux-dvb] TT Budget S2-3200 CI: failure with CAM module

Jo Heremans Jo at requestfocus.be
Tue Sep 23 12:15:54 CEST 2008

>>> Again, when I remove the CAM module, everything works fine (as for 
>>> FTA channels...). Tools like dvbdate, dvbtraffic and mplayer 
>>> /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0 work fine.
>I just created a patch to add a budget-ci module param to the driver to
disable the CI interface at module load time. 
>This way I can still use the card when the CAM module is inserted.
>Maybe it is good enough to integrated it with the current hg tree?
>> I've got SkystarHD+CI Slot+Aston 2.18 and it works OK (for decoding 
>> some channels like HBO/MINIMINI I must wait very long time, but it 
>> works)
>I have waited long enough (more than 6 hours) and still no results.
>Anyone got it working with a TT S2-3200 and AstonCrypt CAM module?
>Jaap Crezee

I have a TT S2-3200 working with the original tv-vlaanderen cam (same as the
canal-digital cam)
I use the liplianindvb tree


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