[linux-dvb] FIXME: audio doesn't work on svideo/composite - hvr-1110 S-Video and Composite

tomlohave at gmail.com tomlohave at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 13:08:22 CEST 2008

dabby bentam a écrit :
> Yipee...
> I've attached a working saa7134-cards.c from an ubuntu 2.6.24-19.36 
> kernel. Not sure the mask setting is correct? as v4ctl -list comes up 
> as television on all three inputs, but as soon as you switch via 
> tvtime, it comes up correctly?
> Also its LINE1 not LINE2!
> You still have to redirect the sound via sox or arecord - pci dma i 
> guess? and unmute it. But its a start.
> Radio is not tested!
> Anymore suggestions on tweaking this. Both S-video and Composite have 
> sound now!!!
Very good work.

I am impatient to see your config and results



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