[linux-dvb] Re : DVB-S2 and CA

manu eallaud at yahoo.fr
Wed Sep 24 19:52:31 CEST 2008

Le 24.09.2008 11:59:15, Ian Ravisky a écrit :
> Hello list,
> We have Technotrend's DVB-S2 TTbudget3200 board with CA CI board.
> While DVB-S2 board does work CA CI slot is not detected.
> We use Multiproto and Debian.
> Was anybody succeed to make CA CI working with any DVB-S2 receiver ?
> We need to make it running urgently.
> Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Several people (me included) succeeded with an AstonCrypt (version is 
2.18) CAM (can decode 2 channels simultaneously).
Some CAM are known to be problematic you might want to check (perhaps 
by posting on the list). So you should post the logs: dmesg, probably 
loading the modules with cam_debug=255 (you need to find for which 
module this ie possible).

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