[linux-dvb] tda1004x+saa7162+ PCTV 7010ix

Wieslaw Kierbedz mincho at interia.pl
Thu Sep 25 17:13:26 CEST 2008

I found, that Twinhan 6090 and my Pinnacle PCTV 7010ix have same components.

First I added definitions to Manu's driver.
saa716x_hybrid loaded successfully, udev created devices.

Now the questions.
How to check does it works without frontend?
Is tda1004x just usable?
I compiled and loaded it but it ignored my card.
Then, how to force tda1004x to load firmware, check devices and create 
device file?

I know, both drivers saa716x and tda1004x are very experimental.
But simply wait is a little to hard for me.

P.S. Extremaly lame. Don't shoot please.

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