[linux-dvb] hvr4000-s2api + QAM_AUTO

Goga777 goga777 at bk.ru
Thu Sep 25 19:22:51 CEST 2008

> > > My CPU (3ghz core 2 quad) is fast enough to show live HD video
> > > [...]   ARTE HD throws some errors and stutters a bit. 
> > 
> > A suggestion:  Write your arte-HD streams to disk, instead of
> > trying to decode them real-time.
> > 
> > If for some reason your CPU isn't quite fast enough, you can
> > later decode the arte-HD streams and see if the artifacts you
> > are observing are still present.
> Hi Barry, thanks for the suggestion. 
> I have checked this : Arte HD recordings I have just made with Kaffeine
> play perfectly with mplayer (svn yesterday). So there's no basic
> problem with my CPU power or with support for the stream by ffmpeg. 
> When played back in kaffeine/xinelib the sound is missing or jittery.
> Simul HD is a different story -- recordings play ok for a few tens of seconds
> in mplayer (with some errors "warning: first frame is no keyframe") until a
> hard crash with error "Internal error, picture buffer overflow" from mplayer.
> In kaffeine it the recordings play with jittery sound and then crash at exactly the
> same points with the same error.
> Any ideas anyone?

after my bug report and sample from SimulHD Michael Niedermayer from ffmpeg-team has fixed this bug in ffh264
in 15413 revision. Could you test please


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