[linux-dvb] [ANNOUNCE] DVB API improvements End-user point of view

Douglas Schilling Landgraf dougsland at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 03:27:32 CEST 2008


On Fri, 26 Sep 2008 01:37:12 +0200
hermann pitton <hermann-pitton at arcor.de> wrote:

> Who the hell is VDR User <user.vdr at gmail.com> ?
> Klaus himself?
> At least he knows nothing about Mauro's real work on video4linux.

Agreed. He's *totally lost* about Mauro's work. 
> To prepare the kernel sync and give the patchmonkey on Johannes'
> request for dvb too, are only a very few percent of his work and the
> "thanks" he had for this so far are it not worth at all ...
> On all other major projects, where he is the maintainer, such absurd
> stuff did never happen.
> The dvb guys inside don't get their stuff together and do exclude each
> other. At least Steve had no other choice than to come up with his own
> solution.


> What a bullshit to accuse Mauro of missing maintainer ship, all asked
> him to stay out as far as possible to continue to play there own
> games! 

For sure, there are people here trying this every single day.
Insted of spend time improving drivers they prefer attack Mauro and
people that are working hard in their spare time.

> But they just load the daily dirt on him they preferably don't like to
> care themselves for at all, including patch reviewing in many parts.
> Also Mike did more integration work across the frameworks than anyone
> else during the last year. That by the way.



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