[linux-dvb] cx88-alsa audio quality?

yoshi watanabe yoshi314 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 12:23:31 CEST 2008

i have similar problem with cx88-alsa on hvr-1300 card.

i've been using it to connect playstation2 console to my pc via a
cable with both s-video and composite connectors.

while the video is in good quality,  the sound sounds metallic and
ofter with a very strong reverb. most of the time it's just random

sometimes it seems to pick up when there is more movement in the
video. when the picture gets still - the noise nearly goes away.

so far i have not found a solution to my problem (i've already asked
on this mailing list for help few months ago, maybe you'll find some
clues that will help you) , other than routing audio to the soundcard
via additional cables, and not taking it though the capture card.
changing sampling rates helps a bit.

hardware mpeg2 capture has perfect audio, however.

i suspected that my pc might be creating some sort of interference.
but that doesn't explain why mpeg2 capture is unaffected by it.

oh, and i cannot find any channels on analog tv. i hope that at least
radio will work (never tried it).

On 9/29/08, Anders Semb Hermansen <anders at ginandtonic.no> wrote:
> Vanessa Ezekowitz wrote:
>> Analog TV on all channels gives clean but very tinny audio, as though
>  > the sample rate were really low (~8kHz).
> I use a cx88 card (HVR-4000) with Analog TV (PAL). I needed to set audio
> to 48000Hz to get sound which is good. I use mythtv.
> English is not my native language so I don't know how to describe the sound.
> Anders
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