[linux-dvb] Adding remote support to Avermedia Super 007 - more info needed!

dabby bentam db260179 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 30 12:31:47 CEST 2008

I'm currently trying to get remote support added to the Avermedia Super 007 card.

I've turned the ir_debug on and gpio tracking on and enabled i2c_scan. I've added an entry in the saa7134-cards.c and saa7134-input.c - copying the settings from other avermedia cards.

The polling setting makes the card print out loads of ir_builder settings, removing the setting no output! - from this i am assuming that this card has no gpio setting? - possible i2c?

I've used regspy (from dscaler) to determine the GPIO STATUS and MASK value. Turning on/off the remote in windows has no value change? - does it change?

Any guidance on how to determine the ir code? - without the manufacture code book.


David Bentham

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