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IR port.

I'll take a closer look at he pins just incase.



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-----Original Message-----<br>From: darron at [mailto:darron at
]<br>Sent: 01 October 2008 02:08<br>To: dabby bentam<br>Subject: Re: [linux=
-dvb] Adding remote support to Avermedia Super 007 - more info needed! <br>=
<br>In message &lt=3BBLU116-W122752EF5297963897FDE5C2430 at phx.gbl&gt=3B=2C d=
abby bentam wrote:<br><br>hello david<br><br>&gt=3BI'm currently trying to =
get remote support added to the Avermedia Super <br>&gt=3B007=3D&nbsp=3B ca=
rd.<br><br>I have one of these cards also but I have no good news for you u=
nfortunately.<br><br>I am replying just to confirm that I too saw no activi=
ty in the register logs in XP when pressing remote key presses. Nor=2C from=
 what I can see will any additions to the saa7134 code as is=2C aide you in=
 reaching remote control nirvana.<br><br>It looks as if all remotes on the =
saa7134 linux driver thus far are triggered via an interrupt and that no su=
ch interrupt is occuring when you press a key on the remote for that board.=
 This may require more absolute confirmation though as I didn't spend a gre=
at deal of time looking.<br><br>&gt=3BI've turned the ir_debug on and gpio =
tracking on and enabled i2c_scan. <br>&gt=3BI've=3D&nbsp=3B added an entry =
in the saa7134-cards.c and saa7134-input.c - <br>&gt=3Bcopying the se=3D tt=
ings from other avermedia cards.<br>&gt=3B<br>&gt=3BThe polling setting mak=
es the card print out loads of ir_builder <br>&gt=3Bsettings=3D =3D2C remov=
ing the setting no output! - from this i am assuming <br>&gt=3Bthat this ca=
r=3D d has no gpio setting? - possible i2c?<br>&gt=3B<br>&gt=3BI've used re=
gspy (from dscaler) to determine the GPIO STATUS and MASK <br>&gt=3Bvalue=
=3D . Turning on/off the remote in windows has no value change? - <br>&gt=
=3Bdoes it chang=3D e?<br>&gt=3B<br>&gt=3BAny guidance on how to determine =
the ir code? - without the manufacture <br>&gt=3Bcod=3D e book.<br><br>I to=
ok a photo but didn't identify all the ICs on the board and write them down=
=2C it may be worthwhie doing so and also tracing from where the IR detecto=
r comes into the card and where it actually ends up.<br><br>If you are dete=
rmined then you could explore the above but there is still no guarantee of =
any eventual success of course as just knowing about it more is only the fi=
rst step in actually getting it to work.<br><br>cya!<br><br>Hello darron=2C=
<br><br>Thanks for the reply. I've established the cards IR port is not GPI=
O but I2C. Similar to the hvr-1110 card. The I2C readout gives me:-<br><br>=
0x10<br>0x96<br><br>From the other I2C cards=2C these functions are used to=
 enable/disable the IR port.<br><br>I'll take a closer look at he pins just=
 incase.<br><br>Thanks<br><br>David<br><br><br /><hr />Win =A33000 to spend=
 on whatever you want at Uni! <a href=3D'
032/direct/01/' target=3D'_new'>Click here to WIN!</a></body>


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