[linux-dvb] support for remote in lifeview pci trio

ROASCIO Paolo roa at libero.it
Wed Apr 1 22:29:31 CEST 2009

Il Wednesday 07 January 2009 09:08:53 Jordi Moles Blanco ha scritto:
> hi,
> i've been googling and trying some things during days with no luck.
> i want to get the remote which comes with this card working, and i only
> found old posts like this one:
> http://www.spinics.net/lists/vfl/msg29862.html
> which assures that the patch gets the remote to work on that card.

Hello, attached is the patch ported to 2.6.28, note that this is my very first 
time in c coding, then this may be an ugly piece of code (but at least works 
for me)...

> i downloaded the latest v4l source code and tried to patch it with the
> code proposed on that post, but var names have changed and i don't have
> a clue on how to apply it properly.
> i haven't seen any more recent post, so i guess it may still be in a
> to-do list, or may be it was rejected for some reason to go into the
> main-line.
> Could anyone tell me if this patch will ever be included? or... what v4l
> version could i download to be able to patch it as described?

No, the reason is the polling code as already discussed on this list, then the 
patch is only for use of who want to apply it himself without any support...

> Thanks.

Bye Paolo

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