[linux-dvb] Writing a new driver help please

Marc Murphy marcmltd at marcm.co.uk
Sun Apr 5 15:00:27 CEST 2009

Hi All,
I'm new to DVB and attempting to write a driver to use on an embedded platform that I am developing.
I have used the current micronas demod with a kernel driver that I wrote to enable my system to tune and stream live TS.
However I thought it would be good to bring my driver up to the spec of DVB and need a few pointers.  I have taken an example driver but they all seem to be working off either USB or PCI, my system uses neither.  I have the standard i2c for microcode initialisation and control but the TS comes directly into my micro.
Is there a simple way to write a basic driver that uses the standard DVB framework so that I can register a device without having to use PCI or USB ?  What I have tried so far it to add an adaptor and then add a device.
It seems to be working up to the point of the second call to sysfs to create the symbolic link to video0.
I don't fully understand what is going on or whether there is anything I need to initialise before attempting to create the device but I can post code snippets if that would help.
I hope somebody out there understands what I am going on about.
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