[linux-dvb] Current state of DVB-C support

Christian Lyra lyra at pop-pr.rnp.br
Sat Apr 18 01:34:44 CEST 2009


>        My first attempt to use a DVB-C was with a KNC1 card. I just had to
> download the latest source from dvb repository, compile and install.
> The card was identified, I could scan channels and watch TV. BUT some
> channels works very badly, as the card couldnt lock properly on a few
> transponders (309mhz and 321mhz). Running a czap on those channels
> shows that the card keep "locking" and loosing the lock.
>        I thought that the problem could be something with my cabling, so I
> tried my card at a friend´s house with the same results. I also tried a
> attenuator, but without success too.
>        On my second attempt I bought a twinhan CAB ci card. Card identified,
> but scan didnt worked. Some googleing later, I got it working by
> commenting the line 1360 in dst.c (!(state->dst_type ==
> DST_TYPE_IS_CABLE) &&). To my surprise this card has NO problem locking
> on 309mhz and 321mhz channels. It seems to take a little longer to
> lock/changing channels compared to my twinhan DVB-S card (I´m comparing
> apples and oranges, right?), but so far it´s working ok.
>        My third attempt was with a technisat cablestar HD2 card. I used the
> mantis repository to get the card working (is the mantis driver already
> merged with v4l-dvb?). Again, I can scan channels, but the card could
> not  lock on those Transponders. In fact it also take a lot longer to
> lock on a channel, but after it got a lock, it works right.
>        Since twinhan works fine, I supose that there´s no problem with my
> cable/splitter. Also, I supose that the chance of two disctinct broken
> tuners is low. A recent thread on TT-1501 shows that, if I understood
> it right, there´s a kind of table where a power level is set to each
> frequency range. Is it possible that my two cards didnt worked on those
> especif transporders because of this kind of setting?

Just a note: both non-working cards uses a tda10023 chip, so I think
it should a good start pointing...

Christian Lyra

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