[linux-dvb] How to compile Mantis driver with em28xx driver installed?

Sacha sacha at hemmail.se
Sat Apr 18 16:31:17 CEST 2009

I have a Pinnacle USB DVB-T stick and Azurwave Azurewave AD-SP400 CI
(Twinhan VP-1041) DVB-S2 on my system.
USB stick uses em28xx-new drivers from mcentral.
It works well untill I install Mantis/S2API drivers from I. Liplianin.
I get my DVB-S2 card workin but em28xx drivers wont load complaining
about unknown symbol etc...
If I understand well S2API installation overwrite some files used by
em28xx driver with its own leading to this conflict.
My question is how to avoide this? I want both cards working.
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