[linux-dvb] siano firmware and behaviour after resuming power

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Thu Dec 3 14:38:35 CET 2009

En/na BOUWSMA Barry ha escrit:

>> I found a something here
>> http://marc.info/?l=linux-usb-users&m=116827193506484&w=2
>> that purportedly resets an usb device.
>> What I tried was, before powering off:
>> 1) unload the drivers
>> 2) use the above to reset the stick
>> 3) power off
>> and, before loading the drivers, issue a reset again.
>> Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, the end result is that I cannot
>> leave the device plugged-in if I want to use it.
> That might work for a planned reboot 

This being a vdr machine, the reboot is either planned or due to a power 
loss, and I suppose that the latter would really reset the device, but I 
didn't try.
The problem is that even so (planned reboot/switch off) it only works 

> -- my reboots are 
> occasionally unplanned, and the devices are in part hanging
> at boot time.  I guess if I had had the patience to watch and
> see if the wait eventually timed out, I could test just how
> the system came up and reset anything not present (and then
> configure it as needed). Too much work for a non-critical
> system, when I'd rather it Just Work.
> I am lazy.  So sue me  :-)

As I'm getting older, I'm also getting lazier, so I'm not going to sue 
you ;-)


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