[linux-dvb] The most stable DVB-T tuner

Michal Novotny michal at etc.cz
Fri Dec 4 03:00:47 CET 2009

Hi all,

I've just bought dual tuner USB stick MyGica T1680 (af9015) and I'm 
unpleasantly surprised with the tuner stability (mxl5005s). I have a 
good signal but the card can't deliver error free streams. Femon shows 
signal 0xf000-0xffff, snr 0xb0-0x110 and ber almost always 0. Some 
errors (transport error bit set or missing TS packet) occur in the 
stream about every 3 minutes on average. It's not a problem of linux 
driver since the same errors can be found in TS recordings taken under 
windows. And it is also not a problem with the signal because I get a 
much better result with AverTV A800 USB (error about every 4 hours) and 
Nova-T LSI L64781 PCI (error about every 2 hours).

I assume that those problems are related to the tuner (correct me if I'm 
wrong). The MyGica T1680 USB stick is really bad, Nova-T PCI is quite 
good with good signal and AverTV A800 is the best, but it is 
discontinued product. I would like to build a dedicated STB with 2-3 
DVB-T tuners. So my question is: Is there any well known DVB-T card 
(preferably USB) that has a sensitive and stable tuner that can deliver 
error free streams?

Thanks for any tips,

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