[linux-dvb] dib0700 "buggy sfn workaround" or equivalent

Alan Knowles mailinglist at akbkhome.com
Mon Feb 9 14:25:16 CET 2009

Not sure if it's the same issue, but we had the similar problem with the 
ASUS 3100 mycinema DVB-TH card

killing off this function appeared to fix it..

int dvb_usb_remote_init(struct dvb_usb_device *d)
        struct input_dev *input_dev;
	return 0;


Brett wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a dvb_usb_dib0700 (Nova 500 dual) card and it shows similar
> issues to the dvb_usb_dib3000mc card, ie:
> "This card has an issue (which particularly manifests itself in
> Australia where a bandwidth of 7MHz is used) with jittery reception -
> artifacts and choppy sound throughout recordings despite having full
> signal strength. Australian users will typically see this behaviour on
> SBS and ABC channels"
> The fix for the dib3000mc is to enable the 'buggy sfn workaround' but
> there is no such option for the dib 0700 :
> The buggy sfn workaround workaround does "dib7000p_write_word(state,
> 166, 0x4000);" if it is active, or "dib7000p_write_word(state, 166,
> 0x0000)" if it inactive, in the dib3000mc driver. I presume this
> tweaks a bandwidth filter or something similar for the dib3000mc, is
> there  such an equivalent feature for the dib0700 chipset ?
> Does anybody have specs on the dib0700 that describes registers, or
> how to set tuner bandwidth etc., during tuning ?
> Cheers
> Brett
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