[linux-dvb] A dvb-core code problem

Zhang Xiaobing xbzhang at telegentsystems.com
Fri Feb 13 04:23:01 CET 2009

I found a code problem in dvb-core when I was debugging with my dvb driver.

The code in dvb_dvr_release() file dmxdev.c
/* TODO */
    if(*dvbdev->users== -1* && dmxdev->exit==1) {
        file->f_op = NULL;

"dvbdev->users== -1" should be changed to "dvbdev->users== 1", otherwise 
driver may block forever in dvb_dmxdev_release() where a wakeup 
condition is "dvbdev->users== 1".

Here is the code in dvb_dmxdev_release().

if (dmxdev->dvr_dvbdev->users > 1) {

I hope it is right to post this message here.


Xiaobing Zhang

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