[linux-dvb] dvico dual express continuuing issues.

sonofzev at iinet.net.au sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Mon Feb 16 05:56:29 CET 2009

Hi All 

In december I posted a message regarding some issues with the dvico driver.


The kernel is reporting incorrect callback of the firmware. Also, if the tuner
isn't being used for a few hours, I then get errors from mythtv about it not
being able to contact the backend and only rebooting the system will fix the
problem (restarting mythbackend and frontend does not help).

I eventually reported this as fixed to do with bios settings but I was wrong.

I have done alot more testing and have found that it seems to be only after
mythtv has accessed the device where this problem beings begins... 

I will try the latest hg version and see what happens. I will also try another tv
application and see if that makes a difference (but I really would like to
continue using mythtv as I have 2 other frontends). 

More information.. (and questions). 
I know I definitely didn't have this problem with earlier versions of the driver
(roughly pre September.. Chris Pascoe's original version actually seemed more
stable although didn't report correct signal strength) 
The cpu is a an opteron 170 
2GB of OCZ DDR500 RAM (clocked at standard 400 of course, not overclocking this
thing actually unless watching HD it is usually sitting at 1000MHZ)
Nvidia 7600 GS video card (as I read horrible things about my onboard ATI
chipset) using nvidia drivers not using xvmc however. 
I have eliminated the motherboard as since I originally reported the issue I have
changed mobo (from nvidia nforce4 chipset to ati chipset.... primarily to get a
micro atx mobo for my HTPC case). 
Fairly standard kernel with pre-emption (should I be using an rt patched kernel??)
Are there any other kernel options I should remove or add??? 
I am using the most recent unstable Gentoo release of mythtv (0.21_p19046) but
saw the same problem on the most recent stable release too. 
Are there any compile time options (or USE flags) I need to set or unset??
The system also houses my third tuner/second card, a dvico fusion lite (older pci
version rock solid stable).. Are there any modules.conf settings I need to look
out for (although it worked before ...).... 

As I said, I will try out the latest hg version tonight.. but any advice would be
appreciated greatly!!!



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