[linux-dvb] dvb, tzap + output, and signal strength

Da Rock rock_on_the_web at comcen.com.au
Fri Feb 27 09:32:11 CET 2009

I have to ask, I feel like I'm losing the plot here somehow. I have had
trouble with a particular channel in Aust (7 Digital) where the signal
was completely unwatchable and xine would give up and switch channels
(max settings to prevent this in place). SO I bought an amp for the

I checked the tzap output to come to this conclusion:

Freq 1 (226500000): sig=da00> snr=0 ber=0 unc=0
Freq 2 (177500000): sig=ba00> snr=0 ber=3260> unc=0>
Freq 3 (191625000): sig=cf00> snr=0 ber=0 unc=0
Freq 4 (219500000): sig=ffff snr=0 ber=0 unc=0
Freq 5 (585625000): sig=ffff snr=0 ber=0 unc=0

My setup is 2 Dvico dual 4 dvb tuners, and a leadtek 2000H hybrid tuner,
totalling 5 tuners in the system. The idea is to have a tuner for each
frequency and stream each channel provided. I also share the antenna
with a split residence, with a masthead amp and my lead is around 10m+
long which I cabled myself (I have a cabling licence).

Based on these outputs I figured an amp for the lower frequencies was in
order. Once I put it in though, several things happened:

1. Signal strengths increased as planned (for eg. increase from bxxx to
cxxx), but so did the ber and unc.
2. Channels which worked fine before suddenly refused to (1 and 3).
3. The second frequency- the one which started this whole fiasco-
stopped working at all.
4. Some tuners failed to work (they were working previously)- errors
were that while signals were registered, fe was not locking. Status was

Perhaps I'm missing something? I'm not completely au fait with radio
physics, but I have used amps in the past to resolve signal problems
with success- I seem to have no idea here though.

Any ideas here as to what I'm missing/can do?

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