[linux-dvb] Fwd: HVR2250 Status - Where am I?

Steven Toth stoth at linuxtv.org
Fri Feb 27 18:07:26 CET 2009

John Drescher wrote:
>>>> Any way to get a running total on your blog?
> I'm not against donating for hardware support but I would like to see
> the total (and it increase after I donate) and also the code tree
> published so others can contribute and track changes.

I don't have anything that sophisticated to be honest. If that bothers you then 
I understand and respect your decision not to support the project.

I can't publish any source code until the driver is largely complete, that's not 
my call, that's the arrangement with NXP.

> PS. Thanks for all your hard work on all the drivers - not just this
> one. It's greatly appreciated by the MythTV community among others and
> myself.

I had specifically decided NOT to look at any HVR-2250 web stats for a week. I 
ran the numbers today and this is where I am:


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