[linux-dvb] writing DVB recorder, questions

Juhana Sadeharju kouhia at nic.funet.fi
Sat Feb 28 20:22:19 CET 2009

Thanks for the suggestions.
Because my recorder already records audio and video, I will
continue a little more. I found the docs.

My Ubuntu does not have Kaffeine and I cannot develop
Klear, Kaffeine, etc. because Ubuntu's package manager
tries to download non-existing packages. Missing are
GTK2 devtools and KDE devtools. Xine-lib complains too.

I tried the Windows digital-TV application which came
with the USB DVB stick, but had to leave it. Klear
is so far clearest DVB application I have seen.
Check it and learn.

I tried Kaffeine by opening some Ubuntu package manually,
without installing it. UI is not clear, and Kaffeine
tried to download something via internet and refused to work.

VDR gave black fullscreen. Fullscreens are not nice.
I'm not potato but I do write while recording or listening
music from music channels.

Xine has its own problems (and no recorder). Various Xine
GUIs looks like what I don't need.

Due lack of luck with Ubuntu, and due incomplete DVB applications,
I have been two weeks without recorder with subtitle support.
In Windows, it took only 10 minutes to have a working recorder.
Guess why I'm still using Linux...

I have four days left. I try the suggested nerd-kludges
at the last minutes.


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