[linux-dvb] How to stream DVB-S2 channels over network?

Brice DUBOST braice at braice.net
Thu Jan 1 19:53:50 CET 2009

Artem Makhutov a écrit :
> Hello,
> I would like to stream a DVB-S2, H264 channel over my network to an STB.
> I an using the TT 3200 DVB-S2 card with multiproto drivers from Igors repository.
> So faar I have tried 3 different solutions:
> [...]
> Do you know any other methods to stream a DVB-S2 channel over network?


You can try to use mumudvb (http://mumudvb.braice.net)

In order to stream dvb-s2 I've implemented an option dont_tune in
mumudvb wich permit to skip the tuning part of mumudvb wich is "old gen".

The solution of using this option and tuning the card before launching
mumudvb have been reported to work with dvb-s2

To get the snapshot with this option, follow this link

Best regards,


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