[linux-dvb] Fwd: TT-3600 on kernel 2.6.27 doesn't work... any help?

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 I was able to fix the problem by compiling szap-s2 as 64 bit app. The problem showed up with the 32 bit app.
So it looks like there is a severe bug in the ioctls between 32 bit app and 64 bit driver/kernel.

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i'm probably using vdr... 

it looks like szap-s2 is trying to access a wrong device driver that doesn't support the new dvb-s2 api ioctls...

 but how do i find out?


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Приветствую, dbox2alpha at netscape.net

sorry I don't know answers

but I'm wondering - which software will you use for dvb watching on PS3  - vdr , 

kaffeine, mythtv ?

what do you think about PS3 as резс platform with dvb-s2 support ? is it good 

thing ?

> hi, 

> I'm trying to get the TT-3600 USB DVB-S2 to work on a PlayStation 3 but so far 

I have not been successful.


> I'm using the latest DVB-S2 API and driver: s2-liplianin-aed3dd42ac28

> which compiles and installs fine.

> Driver also seems to initialize fine.

> Bu
t when I use szap-s2 FE_SET_PROPERTY DTV_CLEAR fa

> problem with the following ioctl: 

> ioctl32(szap-s2:32528): Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(80086f52){t:'o';sz:8} 

arg(ff835360) on /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0


> [root at ps3 szap-s2-a75cabee2e95]# ./szap-s2 -c channels.conf -rn 2

> reading channels from file 'channels.conf'

> zapping to 2 'SAT.1;ProSiebenSat.1':

> delivery DVB-S, modulation QPSK

> sat 0, frequency 12544 MHz H, symbolrate 22000000, coderate 5/6, rolloff 0.35

> vpid 0x00ff, apid 0x0100, sid 0x0020

> using '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0' and '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0'

> FE_SET_PROPERTY DTV_CLEAR failed: Invalid argument

> [root at ps3 szap-s2-a75cabee2e95]#


> Any help? Thanks.





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