[linux-dvb] AverTV Hybrid Volar HX (A827)

Kuba Irzabek vega01 at wp.pl
Fri Jan 2 16:40:25 CET 2009

CityK wrote:
> Kuba Irzabek wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Thanks for your answer. It's good news somebody is working on it. 
>> Unfortunately I'm not an experienced USB programmer. Anyway, I would be 
>> grateful if you could send some more info, maybe on my private mail. 
>> Maybe I could help then some way. What should be done to get the analog 
>> working?
> - Devin is working on a driver for the 7136.
> - I advise keeping all messages in public so that any relevant info is
> available for all...reserve private messages for insulting each other
> and such forth ; )
Sure, I have nothing against it. :-) Maybe more people are interested or 
will join and help. Just some stuff isn't suitable for mailing lists for 
different reasons ...


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