[linux-dvb] dvbsream v0-5 and -n switch

Darren Salt linux at youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk
Sat Jan 3 00:49:51 CET 2009

I demand that Nico Sabbi may or may not have written...

> Il giorno ven, 02/01/2009 alle 22.03 +0200, Anssi Hannula ha scritto:
>> Nico Sabbi wrote:
>>> BTW, for years I asked to insert the correct "reply-to" header in this
>>> *fuckingly broken* mailing list (to send replies to the list rather
>>> than to the poster), but not a single time I received an answer by His
>>> Majesty the ML administrator.
>>> Can someone fix this issue, please? If not, can the admin at least
>>> explain *why* he/she wants to keep it broken? Please, no speculations:
>>> just facts.
>> This is the standard practice on kernel development lists.
>> See e.g. http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html

> yes, that link was sent to me other times; I disagree completely with all
> that it says, especially because if you are sending messages to a list it's
> perfectly reasonable to expect the replies to belong to the list, at least
> by default. Replies may be addressed to the original poster, but that is
> surely the exception, not the norm.

How I see it: follow up to the list, reply to the poster. But then I, and the
software which I normally use (and older software which I've used), treat
them as something like "newsgroups via email".

More widespread usage of Mail-{Followup,Reply}-To would be good.

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