[linux-dvb] KWorld 330U Employs Samsung S5H1409X01 Demodulator

CityK cityk at rogers.com
Sun Jan 4 19:35:05 CET 2009

Douglas Schilling Landgraf wrote:
> CityK <cityk at rogers.com> wrote:
>> Mauro -- can you shed any light in regards the "A316" part of the name
>> descriptor ?
> Probably inherited from vendor/product ID, as follow:
> em28xx-cards.c:
> { USB_DEVICE(0xeb1a, 0xa316), .driver_info = EM2883_BOARD_KWORLD_HYBRID_A316 },
>                         ^^^

Ahh, very good.

Mauro, or whomever is going to end up spinning the patch incorporating
the correction regarding the demod. information, I suggest that the
descriptor "EM2883_BOARD_KWORLD_HYBRID_A316" be simultaneously changed
to "EM2883_BOARD_KWORLD_ATSC_330U" to reflect the device's more common name.

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